Elementary School Thematic English Education Movement
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Are you satisfied
with the English lessons
you provide?

Do you have clear goals of
your English lessons
as global education?

Do your students have
a lot of opportunities
to think about and learn
things related to their lives
and the world
during your lessons?
If you would like
to improve and expand
your lessons,
why not join us
to learn and share
the art of teaching English
with global themes?

In ESTEEM you can:
cultivate your own skills on
get ideas for lessons focusing on
study about various subjects on
meet good friends seeking better ways for
in English

If you practice our thematic English lessons in you classroom,
your students can:
motivate themselves to learn
enhance their self-esteem
express their thoughts and feelings
think about global issues
cooperate with others

ESTEEM is a non-profit study group of people
who are interested in developing thematic English learning
for global education in elementary schools.
Please come and join us!
Here's the information on the coming meeting.

251-0045 C/O BeLL works 3-9-29 Tsujido Higashikaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
TEL: 0466-33-7302 (81-466-33-7302---from outside Japan)
FAXF0466-33-7187 @